Since splitting up with my wife I have sort of become frightened of love again. I don’t really know what it is but I seem to be worried about even taking the first step. Most gents who get divorced a little bit later on in life is probably worried about finding love again, but I don’t know if they are frighten of actually reaching out to love again. I did very early realize that I needed some female companionship in my life so I started to date London escorts. It is okay, but I would ideally like to be in a long term relationship. To me, dating London escorts is just a short time solution.

I have to admit that most London escorts that I meet are really hot. Yes, I know that there are a lot of pretty ladies hanging around the pubs, clubs and bars of London. But, if I am really honest, none of these ladies really measure up to some of the hot and sexy London escorts that I have met. Perhaps I have missed the boat, but there seems to be less sexier ladies around London these days. Could it be that all of the hot ladies are spoken for, and the only way you are going to find a hot lady is to date London escorts. It all seems like a bit strange to me.

The main problem is that my ex wife fleeced me of all my money. Now I am having to work twice as hard to gain some of that money back. Like I have told a couple of the girls at cheap London escorts, I am going to have rather a tough time over the next few years, and I am not even sure that I can afford to keep a full time partner. To be fair, the girls at London escorts did point out that a lot of London do not expect to be kept anymore. I suppose that I am just old fashioned when it comes to relationships.

What do I expect out of a relationship? That is another good question which I have been asked by one or two of the London escorts that I date at the moment. As a matter of fact, I have not given the question a lot of thought. I suppose I should really sit down and think about that. It might even be a good idea to bounce some of my thoughts of the cheap London escorts that I date. Perhaps I am getting a bit neurotic, I really don’t know what is going on in my head some days.

Some of the girls at cheap London escorts would make ideal long term partners. The only problem is that I am about 30 years older than most of them, so in many ways we are miles apart.

However, it is kind of tough to let go of some of the nice ladies that I date. When I give a girl a goodnight kiss, I often think that I would like to spend some more time with her, and for her not to go back to her place.