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Exercise should be on top of your agenda as well, and I just don’t mean sexercise I keep telling my gents here at my female  London escorts that they should at least walk for one hour per day. It is not hard and after a while you feel to start feel better. If you don’t fancy going for a walk on your own, call a London escorts service and take your favorite London escort for a walk. I am sure that she will absolutely love it, and on top of that, I know that she will put your through your paces at the same time.

Keeping fit and healthy will do you love life, and the rest of your life, a mile of good. It is just like a marriage really, you need to give it time and make sure that you allow for these things in your life. In other words, you need to get away from work to get active. You may be leaving your job 30 minutes early to see your favorite London escorts, but how about taking a bit more time off to get fit and healthy. Go to the gym, and then come and see your favorite London escorts for a massage with a very special finish.