To be honest, I think that pollution has taken its toll. Looking at my skin now, I think that it looks rather dull and is even becoming a bit wrinkled. I am not sure that I am doing the right thing here, and I should perhaps be taking some advice from my colleagues and friends here at Barnes Cray escorts.

One of the girls here at Barnes Cray escorts of is a great believer that you should only wash your face in still mineral water. She says that it does not contain any harmful substances like ordinary tap waters. It is one of the tricks that I am going to try and I am sure that it would do my skin a lot of good. If I also add some really good quality soap to the water, it would make it all even better.

Of course things like skin creams are important as well. Another one of the girls that I work with at Barnes Cray escorts swears by using honey on her skin. She buys a big pot of organic honey and smears it on her skin. Honey is full of anti-inflammatory properties and can do wonders for your skin. I have tried it once already and it seemed to have done my skin a lot of good. It was much softer the next day and the circulation seemed to have improved as well.

Some of the girls here at Barnes Cray escorts have got some unusual ideas when it comes to skin care. One of them loves the idea of putting crystal on her skins. I am not so sure that I am a big subscriber to the idea that crystals can heal your skin, but it could be worth a try. As a matter of fact, I am not even sure what crystals that I should be using and I think that I will ask her of she has some good ideas when it comes to crystal healing for your skin.

Beauty is all about feeling good about yourself. It does not mean that it has to cost a fortune. When you start looking around the Internet, you will soon see that there are plenty of ways to care for your skin on a more natural basis. As we are affected by pollution here in London, I think that I am going to follow the regime of some of the other girls here at Barnes Cray escorts. I will find natural solutions to my skin problems, and it sounds like many of them may even be store cupboard ingredients. Perhaps they are just as good and effective as some of the more expensive skin solutions that you can buy in stores. After all, skin care can be really expensive and you may as well use ingredients that work. If they can be found in your local shop, so much the better in the long run.