Keeping score of the things that have already happened can be a callous thing to do especially if one still wants to have a relationship with the person that he loves. There is always a time and a place on how to be happy, but there’s almost never time for trying to hurt somebody for the things that have happened a long time ago. It’s a perfect way for a man to move on from the things that had already hurt him. There’s no real reason for a man to hold on to the hurtful things that he had already gone through. It’s not going to be a very pleasant life for him if he does not stop thinking about the things that have hurt him in the past because that kind of behavior is only going to hinder any kind of changes that he might have for a happier life. The things that had already passed is always something to put behind one man’s mind especially if those kinds of memories are from when the guy was hurt very much. There’s nothing that could stop the mind from thinking bad memories but one. People might not want to move on from the past because they have already felt so much damage in their heart that they did not do anything about it anymore. But that is not always going to be alright a man should always stand up for the things that he wants.

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