Woolwich is one of the more maritime places in London, and is the home to landmarks such as the Woolwich arsenal. Lots of people who live and work in Woolwich seem to have some sort of connection to the sea or maritime history. It is just down the road from Greenwich, and even if you are not into dating Woolwich escorts, it is the perfect place to come on a day out. You can enjoy a walk along the river, and perhaps even catch one of the many boat services that leave from this part of London. Nothing like a sightseeing tour of London.

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I have personally tried Woolwich escorts services several times, and I think that the hot babes offer an excellent service. The problem is that it is all too easy to settle with one escorts agency, and to keep using their services. I do enjoy my regular girls but sometimes it is good with a bit of change, this is just one of the reasons that I like to come out to Woolwich. That and the river, of course! It is not like you are going to spend your time on the river bank with your hot babes, but it is something else to enjoy.

Altogether, this is a nice part of London now, Woolwich used to be terribly run down, but new apartment blocks have sprung up everywhere. Now, once the area has been regenerated, it does look very nice and I have even though about buying an apartment in this part of London. There are also lots of nice art galleries in Woolwich, and some unusual art studios. I am not sure if any of the Woolwich escorts are artists but it would not surprise. Many of the girls are smart enough to be artist, and some of the girls are talented in more ways than one.

I ma glad that I have found Woolwich escorts, and sitting here in the late autumn sun with a glass of red in my hand, I am enjoying being in Woolwich. You don’t really need an excuse to come out here. I for one don’t need one anyway, and I am sure that once you rediscover Woolwich, you may even find that you are falling in love with London again. Perhaps we should all try to rediscover the many charms, and delights, that London has to offer. Then again, it all depends on what you call charms and delights.