How careful should we be with extreme plastic surgery? Recently a lot of American porn stars have started to alter themselves to look like their favorite amine porn character. So far, the trend has not taken hold amongst London escorts and I am not so sure that it will. As far as I am concerned most London escorts are to sensible to believe in that sort of stuff. But, in the United States, the trend is gaining momentum, and it makes you wonder what is going on. Is our sense of beauty that warped these days that we need to alter ourselves in extreme ways to look like somebody else? Why we do it, says Sue from London escorts the best escorts in London. I just don’t understand why some girls alter themselves to look hideous. It is so popular amongst American escorts but I can’t see that any London escorts will ever do it. You sort of become a spectacle, not a person. We take on board a lot of crazy trends from the United States over here, but I don’t think that this will go down well here, says Sue. I can understand a minor nip and tuck but not this kind of surgery.I am one of the London escorts who have not had anything done. Yes, I could easily afford to join the ranks of London escorts who go in for surgery but I am not going to. I like to feel natural and I know that most of my gents prefer me this way as well. The best thing I can do is to keep myself fit and healthy. If I do that, I will continue to look nice in a more natural way. One gents recently said to me that the girls with too much plastic surgery, move in a strange way. I have never noticed that before, but I have now noticed that they hold their bodies differently.

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The fact is, says Sue, a lot of gents prefer natural girls. Most London escorts that I know try to stay as natural as they can. Gents get much more turned on by a natural looking girl, than a girl who has been altered to look like somebody else. As a matter of fact, says Sue, I am not really keen on huge breast implants. On a very small frame they look silly, but yet a lot of London escorts have them done. They live in a complete fantasy world, because I am not so sure that gents fancy them afterwards.I love me the way I am, says Sue from London escorts services. I am lucky to have nice long legs and a slim waist. Perhaps things will change when I am older but I do go to the gym. Beauty treatments are alright and I do visit the beautician on a regular basis for massages and facials. I believe that beauty treatments are good for you and so is eating the right food. That is what I am going to stick to in the future as well.