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The women I met seemed to be less open minded. When you date women in the US, the idea is very much to sweep them off their feet. That did not seem to be something that English girls were into. One girl that I took out for a meal even asked me why I had brought her flowers. I found that very odd. But, it did not happen when I went out on a date with a girl from London escorts. She seemed to be more than happy to accept my flowers and so did other girls I met at London escorts.

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It makes me wonder what the world is coming to. Could it be that the only real women you can find in London these days work for London escorts? It would not surprise me. Many of the girls I met in pubs and clubs in London seem hard some how. They have lost that feminine touch that I appreciate so much. I love to make women feel special and to sweep them off their feet. But, if that is not what women are about any longer, I guess that I should change my approa