Some people above 50 years of age will confess to still having a great sex life, maybe even better than when they were in their 30’s or 40’s, which will always raise some eyebrows. This however, should not be surprising; doctors say sexuality does not have an expiry date, so anyone can continue to enjoy sex way over 50 and beyond. Here are some tips to help make that possible.

Be adventurous

The reason many people stop enjoying sex before they hit 50 is because they have turned it into a routine. It is time to try new things. If you lack imagination, go to a sex shop and pick up a few toys; there are many toys that could bring back the excitement to your bedroom and help you experience new things.

Try medication

For some the reason they may not enjoy sex is because they may have certain complications; women may be experiencing the effects of menopause while men may have problems getting or maintaining an erection. Science these days however, has solved that problem. You can receive a prescription and you will have yourself the kind of sex you have probably not experienced in a long time.

Couples vacations

You might not be enjoying sex because you are always around your children or grandchildren, and not spending alone time with your partner. Going on vacation just for the two of you can spice things up. Leave behind the stress of family and work and just concentrate on your partner. The magic will return to your relationship in a flash.

Exercise and eat right

There are people who just let themselves go and they put on too much weight, are unable to move easily, and all this will affect your sex life. Keeping in shape will ensure the blood flows easily through your body which is essential for good sex; you also maintain a sexy body which will keep your partner interested in having sex with you. Exercise and food are essential for a healthy body which is needed for great and active sex.

See a therapist

Sometimes there is just something you are not doing right, have never been doing right, and you need professional help to achieve it. Sex therapists have helped a number of people over 50 to get back their sex life on track. Advice from a sex therapist can greatly boost your bedroom pleasure.

Take the time to find out what is missing in your sex life and try to put that spark back in there so that you can enjoy your sex life again. Take a look at for a great sex life.