In love, we cannot expect someone to stay with us forever. Some things are not mean to be no matter how we pushed through it. They say pushing a love that won’t work anymore will become a problem, perhaps your partner will become violent to you, and he /she out respects you to make your life miserable. Love should be free will, not by force or be mercy. If you want to be with the person, always do it because of your intention to her/him is genuine, and you have no other agenda. Love is a source of happiness and strength; when you feel love, it is easy for you to go through life. Many couples have said that their life is lighter when they have someone to listen and uplift them when they feel down. Love gives us hope to fight against life, and make us a better version of ourselves. Do you know that feeling when someone is there for you, and you are not afraid anymore to try things out, and bravery will replace your fears? According to most couples, for your relationship to work, it requires honesty to both of you. You must learn to be open to each other and never hide anything to have lesser arguments.


I thought I was once a lucky woman who has been in love and care by the person I love the most. When I was still a kid, I already admire him, and he is my puppy love. We are neighbors in our town and have the same school, so I have a chance to see him every day. He is quiet all the time and thought he was strict. I am afraid to talk to him since he always ignores me when I wave or smile at him. Years passed, he became more handsome and I can’ help to fall in love with him every day. We are classmates during college and have practiced this since when I was a kid to tell my feelings for him. I got a chance and told him about it. But lucky me, we had a mutual feeling. I am the one who makes surprises and everything. I am the effort one and always make him happy. I was the only who say sorry first and say I love you to him. I did everything, but all he did was left me. He just said one day, he doesn’t like me ever since, and that hurt me so much to assume for his love too.


I go away and travel to Basildon London England and search for work. I didn’t want to have a chance to think about it since I will be depressed, so I have focus myself to my career and become a Basildon escorts from that helped me a lot to love myself again and rise.